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How I made a MOOC

Well, to be fair, it’s not yet a full course, rather a course proposal. Whether it will have the chance to become a real MOOC is unclear yet and depends on your support. But about that later. Taking the #edcmooc dragged me into this whole massive open online course business and I continued with taking MOOCs […]

Learning in the Digital Age

Watching the videos and reading the articles of the week two of our E-learning and Digital Cultures class, there were three themes that caught my attention: The role of technology in changing the way we learn; The capabilities and limits of online education; The dichotomy between freedom/flow of information and security/privacy. I wanted to discuss […]

How to survive a MOOC in 5 easy steps

We’re only into week one of the “E-learning and Digital Cultures” course but I’ve already seen quite a few posts and blog comments from people who feel a little lost and overwhelmed by the constant stream of communication. Here’s my tips for keeping sanity in the information landslide! Prioritize. With numerous platforms (Coursera, Facebook, Google+, […]

Learning online?

I few weeks ago I signed up for my first MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) on the Coursera webpage: E-learning and Digital Cultures. And it is massive indeed – I will have a little over 40 000 classmates! Quite a lot for five instructors to handle, don’t you think? The idea of MOOCs has really […]