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How I made a MOOC

Well, to be fair, it’s not yet a full course, rather a course proposal. Whether it will have the chance to become a real MOOC is unclear yet and depends on your support. But about that later. Taking the #edcmooc dragged me into this whole massive open online course business and I continued with taking MOOCs […]


Ah, procrastination, my favorite word in the English language. And procrastination from writing a PhD is a genre in itself. Have you heard about Jorge Cham, the robotics PhD who turned his comic drawing procrastination into a business and now tours the world giving lectures on the power of procrastination? A little over a month away […]

The things you do while you’re supposed to do something else…

One of my coursemates recently said that her house has never been so clean, her garden so weed-free plus her boyfriend gets a nice dinner every evening now when she’s… writing her bachelor’s thesis. That made me thinking of the ways I’ve been avoiding sitting down by the PC to write some more lines for […]