I few weeks ago I signed up for my first MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) on the Coursera webpage: E-learning and Digital Cultures. And it is massive indeed – I will have a little over 40 000 classmates! Quite a lot for five instructors to handle, don’t you think? The idea of MOOCs has really […]

Ah, procrastination, my favorite word in the English language. And procrastination from writing a PhD is a genre in itself. Have you heard about Jorge Cham, the robotics PhD who turned his comic drawing procrastination into a business and now tours the world giving lectures on the power of procrastination? A little over a month away […]

Microsoft Spaces is moving to WordPress and so is my blog. Maybe this will serve as a refresh to actually start writing again!

I have neglected this site for much, much too long. Yet I don’t feel like writing… Solution? A little cheating and pasting some things from my Facebook notes. This following is my answer to a chain-thing: 25 random things, facts or habits of mine I firmly believe in the rule “never say never”. I just have to say […]

There is one book I take when I need to run away from the reality and regain the ability to see the world through the eyes of a child, to see the beauty of the small things around me. That book (or should I say books?) is the “Emily” series by L. M. Montgomery which […]

What do you do an a quiet, rainy Sunday when (for the first time in a really long while) there is not a single urgent work? And even more – when there is no internet? You take the time and write about something you’ve wanted to write about for some time now. Time and space: […]

Relaxation is bliss! Since I’m home I’ve been not only partying but I’ve also read more books and watched more movies than in the whole semester, my music collection is expanding and I’m even beginning to think of getting back to computer games. To use an old saying – I’m dreaming away my time, and surprising myself about […]

“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” /D. Adams/ -> that’s my quote of the week! And what a week it was… 2 papers due, an exam, some work for my job and yes – having a life should be counted in as well. And I still can’t […]

The following is not to be taken too seriously. Ok, just partially. More like the German language levels I’ve been going trough. Level 1: survival skills – getting the food, getting a hotel, finding the way around etc., as basic as it gets Level 2: casual small-talk – talking with people but still pretty simply, no discussions […]

I looked in the calendar today and discovered that tomorrow will be exactly 10 weeks since I’m in Germany. Since I’m going home for a few days soon, my personal record away from home will have moved from 4 weeks to 11 weeks and 4 days. Not too much, come to think of it, but […]