All is well that ends well?

I’ve been truly impressed by the videos, images, music and presentations that my coursemates have submitted as their final digital artefacts in our E-learning and Digital Cultures MOOC. For a long time I was truly puzzled about what I should do as I’ve never been too creative when it comes to arts. In the end I decided to do something that excites me and that I know I can do well: a little content analysis study of the blog posts from this course. I wanted to know what kind of emotions and actions people associate with their participation in this massive online class. Enjoy!


  1. Best thing. If you enjoy it you will do it well. Can’t believe it’s over so quickly. Oh well on to the course. I hope to say in touch with my “classmates”

    1. Thanks! And yes, me too!

  2. Thanks for the infographic–the data is really interesting to see; I’m planning on bookmarking it. For someone who says she’s not artistic, you rendered the data quite artfully. Besides which, it’s always a pleasure to see a human being cogently pulling together Big Data rather than a algorithm doing so.

    (Maybe that’s my humanism speaking.)

    1. Thanks! And funny that you see what I’ve done as artistic, never thought of it that way 🙂 Maybe you’re right and its just a different kind of art – putting together bits of information in a way that makes sense

  3. Nicely done with good information. I liked the format and the way you used quotes to contextualize the data. Cheers

  4. […] stats, not at all. While neither of my reviews of the course content have had more than 25 hits, my infographic of the content analysis study received over 60 hits and the how to survive a MOOC post recently […]

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