Ah, procrastination, my favorite word in the English language. And procrastination from writing a PhD is a genre in itself. Have you heard about Jorge Cham, the robotics PhD who turned his comic drawing procrastination into a business and now tours the world giving lectures on the power of procrastination?

A little over a month away from submitting my PhD dissertation I have discovered a new and rather addicting past time: CyberCube aka Buckyballs. Never heard of it? Its a set of 216 little magnetic balls that can be made into countless shapes, entirely dependent upon your imagination (or what you can find on youtube…) Supposedly they’re pretty hazardous if swallowed and even banned in the USA since summer of 2012. But I’m neither a toddler nor want to pretend that I have a tongue piercing so I should be safe!

Long story short, my mom gave a CyberCube to my husband as a Christmas gift and I’ve become addicted to them ever since (yes, I am a horrible wife who takes away her husband’s toys). Here’s how it looks like:


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