25 Things

I have neglected this site for much, much too long. Yet I don’t feel like writing… Solution? A little cheating and pasting some things from my Facebook notes. This following is my answer to a chain-thing: 25 random things, facts or habits of mine

  1. I firmly believe in the rule “never say never”. I just have to say it (with belief! No cheating!) to be proved wrong once again.
  2. If I could be an animal, I’d choose to be a cat. A black cat.
  3. I love making selections of my favourite music and listen to them years later. At a long-gone and well-forgotten time of my past I actually listened to Modern Talking…
  4. I have been writing a diary ever since I was 12 years old. I am currently at my 5th diary; the first one was blue with dolphin pictures and equipped with a lock.
  5. One day I will write book either on international superstitions or intercultural dating. I’m afraid the book might even be somewhat scientific.
  6. When I was a kid I once almost drowned. Nevertheless swimming is one of the sports I enjoy most.
  7. I’d gladly forget my first kiss.
  8. Somehow I tend to make very different impressions of myself; they highly depend on the environment and company I’m in. I wonder what it says of me as a person.
  9. My favourite way of exploring new places is simply choosing an approximate direction and wandering wherever my eyes take me.
  10. I’m not baptized and I haven’t figured out my religious beliefs. And I’m not sure that I want to.
  11. I would love to travel the world but I doubt if I would want to live outside Europe. (Wait, what was about point #1?)
  12. I don’t understand people who say 18 is the best age. My life since then has become more interesting year after year.
  13. My favourite word in English is “chaos”.
  14. In childhood I used to be very shy, quiet and insecure.
  15. I find the idea of alternate universes very appealing. I’d love to know the alternatives of some of those forks in the road of my life.
  16. My parents have been (and still are) among the best influences in my life. I consider myself lucky because of that.
  17. I can’t go a day without eating sweets and they are something I have to try in every country I go to.
  18. I am (notoriously) known as one of the most organized people around. Most of the time this simply comes from the fact that there’s something in my life that I cannot control so I compensate elsewhere.
  19. I tend to get off the tram one stop earlier, find a good song on my iPod and walk home. Feels good and helps to clear the head.
  20. I am one of the rare species of morning persons.
  21. For a large part of my life I was thinking too much and ended up not taking the actions. Then I switched to acting first and thinking later. At the moment I am trying to find a balance between the two.
  22. I have a great memory for song lyrics. (Yes, I can also sing along to anything from boybands to that annoying girl Katy Perry)
  23. From time to time I get a feeling that I’m too understanding for my own benefit.
  24. I am a very independent person; nonetheless my friends are very dear, valuable part of my life I’d do a lot for.
  25. I admire people who know what they want to do in their lives. I’m still quite clueless about mine and don’t see that changing anytime soon.


Photo credit: peteoshea (Flickr creative commons)

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