Where dreams grow

There is one book I take when I need to run away from the reality and regain the ability to see the world through the eyes of a child, to see the beauty of the small things around me. That book (or should I say books?) is the “Emily” series by L. M. Montgomery which always takes me into a world of starry twilights where the wind has a changing feminine face and where fairies are just as real as any being of flesh and blood.

Below are some quotes of the book that captured my attention, each in its own way.

  • Houses are like people – some you like and some you don’t like – and once in a while there is one you love.
  • If we don’t chase things sometimes the things following us can catch up.
  • There is nothing more wonderful than dancing around a blazing fire. What matter if it ends in ashes?
  • Somehow one needs a spice of evil in every personality. It’s the pinch of salt that brings out the flavour.

And the best wishes one could give:

  • May you always see a happy face in your looking-glass.
  • I wish you a cool head and a warm heart.


Photo credit:  jspatchwork (Creative Commons)

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