Learning to be lazy

Relaxation is bliss! Since I’m home I’ve been not only partying but I’ve also read more books and watched more movies than in the whole semester, my music collection is expanding and I’m even beginning to think of getting back to computer games. To use an old saying – I’m dreaming away my time, and surprising myself about my capabilities to do that!

It’s nice to be back and see how things have changed or not changed at all. It’s amazing – some advertisment posters stick when new buildings have been erected! While everyone’s complaining about the rising public transport (and for that matter – also alcohol and cigratte) prices, I enjoy how cheap it still is. I’m getting used to not looking for the ‘stop’ button to open doors in trams and seeing cooler cars on the streets.

Is it possible to compare? I guess not… I love being here but I also look forward to returning – no judgements, no preferences. And, funilly enough, Germany has never been the country that would’ve fascinated me or been a place I’d long to visit… Life’s fun – that’s a general rule.

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