The Other Side

“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” /D. Adams/ -> that’s my quote of the week! And what a week it was… 2 papers due, an exam, some work for my job and yes – having a life should be counted in as well. And I still can’t believe that I actually did have quite a lot of fun despite the numerous deadlines.

To recount a little: partying Saturday, handing in a paper on Monday, going out for drinks with a professor the same day, doing an exam on Thursday, spending that evening the most amazing Christmas concert, partying til morning lights on Saturday, handing in a paper on Sunday. Even though I’m not 100% done yet, in two days I’m going home and boy, what a good feeling this is! My first semester in Germany is over and it flew by with the speed of sound. I won’t even try to recount that.

And now it is the time of year to slow down, give oneself a break and enjoy the Christmas spirit. I’ve even bought a stock of little chocolate Santas to give as small gifts whenever I feel like it!

Photo credit: dibytes (Creative Commons)

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