My language level theory

The following is not to be taken too seriously. Ok, just partially. More like the German language levels I’ve been going trough.

  • Level 1: survival skills – getting the food, getting a hotel, finding the way around etc., as basic as it gets
  • Level 2: casual small-talk – talking with people but still pretty simply, no discussions just casual chatting
  • Level 3: one-to-one conversations – being able to have a normal conversation with another person, getting the thoughts across and being well understood
  • Level 4: party talk (in bigger groups) – when you can move beyond listening to all those native speakers talk and trying to understand to actually being able to join the conversation
  • Level 5: flirting – some might say that this would go lower, sometimes the words aren’t needed… bla bla bla. I’d say that flirting does require some ease of talk and at least being able to make a joke or two
  • Level 6: work talk – this is where I’m stuck now, needs a little more than the pure basics and oh, the smart talk… Let’s hope that by the end of that Codebook translation from German to English I’ll learn a bit more than just adding a couple of new words to my mental dictionary.

Hm, start to look at it – not bad for 2,5 months. Still my grammar is horrid, if I only had the time to open my nice grammar book that’s gathering dust on the shelf. Hopefully when I finish those 3 research papers I have to write… Fingers crossed for me!


Photo credit: katerha (Flickr Creative Commons)

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