Germany: an update

I looked in the calendar today and discovered that tomorrow will be exactly 10 weeks since I’m in Germany. Since I’m going home for a few days soon, my personal record away from home will have moved from 4 weeks to 11 weeks and 4 days. Not too much, come to think of it, but certainly enough even if I’ve been homesick only for around a day back in September…

What’s new? Right now I’ve moved to dormitories and I’ll stay here (most probably…) til the beginning of December  But I’m already a little surprised to say that I will miss this place in some ways. It’s fun! I believe that it just proves the point once again: its not the places where you are, its the people you’re with.

But all in all life here isn’t that much more different from home. I’m just getting used to nice traditions like fresh baked bread in the mornings, bicycle roads all around, and sorting the waste more than before (which can make you feel good about doing a little something for the environment) I am missing some Latvian food, though. My favourite porridge – semolina (grieβ) is mainly found only as baby-food, I finally found it just yesterday. But I haven’t seen buckwheat (buchweizen) anywhere and even if Germans have a pretty good black-bread (I couldn’t go on without that), there’s nothing like “Laci” bread back home.

Comparing to the time one year ago, I study more, work less and definitely have more of what one could call ‘having a life’ – parties and trips are a weekly not monthly occasion now!

P.S. Today, first time in my life I over-salted food. According to proverb, I must be in love. The only problem is, I’ve no idea with whom.

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