Lost in translation?

For a little more than 3 weeks Latvian has moved to my ‘most spoken language’ Top 3rd place. 10-15 min on the phone with my mom is all Latvian I get to speak these days.

The first two places on my Top are undoubtedly taken by English and German which compete for the Nr. 1 place every other day. For my personal record – this weekend I spoke just German and nothing but German! And even if I’ve stopped using English whenever its hard to explain something or I just don’t know a word*, I still feel restricted by this language… Luckily I can always escape to English – a language that I ‘feel’ and even enjoy playing with its forms and expressions, language in which I can actually express myself the way I want to. Honestly, I think I’d go mad if I had to speak just German! There’s still way too much that remains unexpressed due to lack of words and skills. In English I can be myself, in German I’m just on the way to being.

Although I guess my English language ‘self’ is somewhat different from my Latvian ‘self’… How much does the language we use influence how we express ourselves? More than one might think, is my answer.

* Luckily I’ve discovered a little nice thing called “Denglisch” – use the English word just pronounce it a little differently (and even that not always) and in 90% of the cases you’ll get it right in German! I guess because of that I’ll never learn the German word for “ticket”

Btw there’s a song about this topic that I quite enjoy: check “Denglisch” by Wise Guys! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHZLbZpzms4)


Photo credit: Creative Commons

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  1. Well my friend I know ur gone like dat experience a lot, hope next time we chat u can tell me more about that
    send greetings 😉 

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