Fitting my life in one suitcase

In the last two days I’ve started to sort out things for packing my bags and cleaning the rest of my stuff meanwhile. And while doing this I’m beginning to get more and more amazed: how will I manage to pack all that?!

I am measuring all I have against one suitcase!

Its one level above choosing which top or pants to choose for the week-trip somewhere, and believe me – the further it gets, the harder. On the bright side, I’ll have enough reasons to go shopping as soon as I reach Germany.

And messing up all my belongings in this process has lead to some entertaining discoveries. Like, for school graduation I got a paper with my classmate’s thoughts about me. There’s one text that kinda fits: “Storms are coming, but this person will measure the strength of wind, evaluate the potential damage and calmly cuddle in with a philosophically educative piece of fiction.”

Now, where is my book?

And, judging from the countless chatting notes from my school lessons, I’ve had a lot wilder school years than I remembered…


Photo credit: Temari 09 (Creative Commons)

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