My family’s 4600 km road-trip

I don’t think it is possible to put those 8 days of trip in a bunch of sentences yet here I am – trying. It was a week full of cities, castles and amazing mountains, a week-long German language practice, a week with foods like schnitzels, strudels and a whole lot of beer.

I guess I’m just gonna bullet-point some of my impressions and thoughts:

  • The journeys would be much easier if Poland could be taken off the map – endless driving and way too much McDonalds food (I’ve had enough for this year…). One thing we could learn from them though – how to renovate those terrible soviet block houses.
  • GPS is a damn good thing which saves a lot of time and effort & getting around cities becomes a piece of cake! And your PC suddenly gets a feminine personality that expresses wonderful sentences like: “at roundabout, take the FIRST exit”…
  • The Schengen zone is pretty cool but being without any borders can sometimes lead you to an interesting question: which country are we in now? Believe me, there isn’t much difference between Tyrol and Bavaria…
  • The big cities are beautiful but the smaller ones are those which become closer to my heart. Brussels is nice but Brugge left a much bigger impression. Paris is amazing, but I’d choose Strasbourg any day of the week. Vienna is majestic but my heart belongs to Salzburg – the city of music and mountains.
  • My reached height record now is 2 200 m now but I still want more!

Now I’m back home and all I have with me is a pile of photos, lots of chocolate and beautiful memories. Every time I go to the mountains my fantasies of owning a nice mountain chalet become clearer and clearer. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll catch this dream?

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