A Midsummer Night’s Dream

We have a tradition for summer solstice: one has to stay up til dawn and watch the sunrise otherwise one will sleep the whole year.

I celebrated midsummer by the sea and after 4 a.m. we went to the seaside, climbed up a small tower just above the treetops and sat there watching sun rise from the sea, painting the skies red and clearing the morning mist that covered the white sand beach.

When I got down from the tower and run to the sea, the beauty of a new day being born gave me an amazing feeling – one moment in time when I simply felt alive, filled with a pure joy of life. I forgot about the morning chill, my wet feet and the terrible cold, I had the world beneath my feet and was indescribably, causelessly happy.

I wish I could freeze this perfect moment as a fly in amber. And when feeling low I would have it as a source of strength, making me sure that all is, was and will be fine.

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