Song for a Day

It took me one sleepless summer night to make up this list: the songs that are “mine” – my good moods and bad moods and special memories.

Music is always around me – at home, at work, almost everywhere I go I listen to it. And I may listen to whatever’s on the radio but the songs that are really special to me aren’t the current “Top 40” stuff, they’re ones that never get old and will always touch me in one way or another.

  • James Brown “I Feel Good” – my good mood song Nr.1;
  • U2 “Beautiful Day” – another good mood song which tells that nothing special is needed for happiness;
  • Greenday “Time of Your Life” – my unofficial CISV song about making memories that stay forever;
  • Bryan Adams “Everything I Do” – a teenage favorite I still look to as one of the most beautiful love songs ever;
  • Jack Johnson “Inaudible Melodies” – a song that tells me to slow down and enjoy the moment;
  • Sting “When We Dance” – a song I’ve always wanted to dance a waltz to (but haven’t managed to yet);
  • Eric Clapton “Change the World” – just pure beauty;
  • Bruce Springsteen “Secret Garden” – if there ever was a song I wished was written about me, it’s this one.

And for those few Latvians who happen to read this:

  • Nora Bumbiere “Ar mani atkal runa kaijas” – my song for going mad
  • Liepajas brali “Tikai ta” – finding the right colors to paint the life, love and dreams

And then there’s a whole lot of songs that always remind me of people, places, trips – anything! Interestingly some of my favorite musicians aren’t even on the list…


Photo credit: shankar shiv (Flickr Creative Commons)

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