New Year’s feeling half a year too late

At New Year’s Eve people are usually looking back to the year that has passed and they’re making resolutions for the next year. At the beginning of 2007 I didn’t have those feelings at all, I felt like in the middle or rather in the beginning of something. What endings?!

Funnily that New Year feeling has struck me now – several months later. And now is the time when I’m looking back to the year that has passed, the things that have happened. My year wasn’t from January to December, mine has been from the last summer to this one. And what a year it’s been! I don’t think I’ve ever had so much of both good and bad, so much change, so many events in just short 12 months. And speaking of ‘forks in the road’ – that year has had quite a few, and they’ve lead me in directions I’d never imagined. Maybe I’ve even finally grown up?

And now its also endings: four years of studies are behind me, and from now on I’m not only changing my studies, I’m also changing the country I live in, I’m leaving my job, not even speaking of leaving behind my family and friends. It still feels so surreal that sometimes I can’t believe I’m actually changing all I have now to follow one of my dreams. It already has turned out differently from what I imagined; I don’t have a clue where this fork in the road will lead me. But hey – I’m an optimist! (even if a bit scared one…)

EDIT: Ok, I’m not quitting my job, I’m just taking a really long unpaid vacation!!!

EDIT Nr.2: Did I say a bit scared?

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