The things you do while you’re supposed to do something else…

One of my coursemates recently said that her house has never been so clean, her garden so weed-free plus her boyfriend gets a nice dinner every evening now when she’s… writing her bachelor’s thesis.

That made me thinking of the ways I’ve been avoiding sitting down by the PC to write some more lines for the seemingly neverending work. I’ve been fighting the urge to clean my flat (well… I broke down a couple of times…) and plants and I have never gone together. Cooking? Guilty on that point – I’ve really improved my cooking skills  in these past few months. I guess I’ll never truly enjoy it but making it in my brother’s favourite food list is something I’m kinda proud of.

Other than that, I’ve read quite a few good books and I’ve never been as active in CISV as this year both locally and internationally. I guess that my dad is right: there more duties you take up, the more you do! But still my friends have seen way too little of me lately (and they’re also doing their thesis so…)

But now when that work is almost done, I’m working on getting a life again. So far, so good!

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