You live, you learn

It’s a nice saying – “you live, you learn” (Alanis Morisette even wrote a song about it). And learning doesn’t even have to be anything globally serious, there’s tons of small, often silly realizations I get from day to day. After all, a walk in the park can teach about as much as playing with fire, who cares about the actual use of that knowledge?

And since today I feel like sharing, here’s some nice things I’ve learned in the past few months!

1. Skiing is the best medicine against cold (Believe me, I tried it all: nose drops, vitamins, fruits, even cognac but 2 times on the mountain worked wonders!)

2. Break-up is the most effective diet (Why? Then its not about restricting yourself anymore, more the other way around: its about making yourself eat)

3. Buying sexy lingerie is a perfect way to lift the mood (Does this need an explanation?)

4. NOT listening to your bachelor’s thesis supervisor can be a good thing… (… especially if he’s so loaded with sarcasm that taking him seriously could result in total loss of belief in the quality of what you write)

5. All it takes to get rid of an acquaintance is to reject his friend (Who says that starting to date a friend’s friend can end in trouble? Not doing anything can be just as effective and good for some laughs!)

That’s all for now! Stay tuned!

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