Lessons learned from teenager mazgazines

Sometimes your work can teach you something, sometimes it can open you a whole new world. My last research certainly did… and I must say that the world of teenager magazines can be truly amazing and traumatic as well. I want to share some insights in this world that is characterized by celebrity private life affairs, top models and sportsmen (who cares about the game of soccer – it’s the players that a girl has to watch!), and of course I can’t forget the love life and the countless body-related articles.

First of all, all boys can be easily divided in six types:

  • the super-sensitive,
  • smart guy,
  • sporty boy,
  • elegant guy,
  • extreme guy,
  • the bad boy (of course!)

Getting a boy just means defining his type and then acting accordingly and the magazine is ready to help: you get to know where the guy hangs out, what kind of girls he likes and you even get the perfect pick-up line for each. I really can’t imagine how I lived 21 years without anybody telling me that the ‘smart guys’ hang out in libraries and that the ‘extreme guy’ can be attracted by telling him my wildest adventures…

What else? I finally got a manual on how to flirt! That certainly could help to get one of those guys, right? And when that’s done, there’s also a manual on how to kiss. Then there comes relationship advice with my favorite article: “13 pros and cons for getting a boyfriend”. The best cons: (1) your free days are over and you can’t sleep with everyone you like anymore; (2) now this male is sharing your bed.

I would like someone telling that to the 14 to 16 year old girls’ mom who has bought the magazine for her little girl…

And I really can’t understand how I could live without knowing who “Tokio Hotel” are. But when each problem page in 4 different magazines for two months included something along the lines of: “I’m in love with Bill from Tokio Hotel, I can’t live without him” or “I’m in love with Tom from Tokio Hotel, I’ll do a suicide if I can’t see him”

After that a person gets curious. Now I know the names of the four guys, their attitudes toward relationships and even which instrument each plays. But I still can’t understand one thing: why all the hundreds of girlies have fallen in love with a guy that looks like a girl?!?!

Now I’m pretty sure I don’t want to see an issue of “Popcorn” magazine for at least a year. And I will never understand how teenager magazines can publish pictures that even “FHM” or “GQ Magazine” wouldn’t be ashamed of… Or how 12-year old girls ask help to improve their sex-life…

Oh well, this research was fun in its own annoying way!

Photo credit: ElizabethHudy (Flickr Creative Commons)

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