Conclusions from a crazy work week

After one of the craziest work weeks of my life (which also happens to be the last work week in that job) I have come to some conclusions that I would like to share with anyone who will care to read this:

  1. Coke is better than coffee! The reasons? Helps to stay awake better, is tastier, isn’t as hot when the weather is warm, and (most importantly) doesn’t make you dizzy and unwell after drinking too much of it…
  2. Doing everything in time isn’t always better. The damn work may get an extension or it can be cancelled altogether. But then again you might just get lucky and have a free weekend when everyone else is writing the work you finished a week ago
  3. It’s fun to annoy the hell out of people in the public transportation and/or make them think you are gone out of your mind. It’s their own damn fault that they listen to crap like “what does panic feel when it is fallen on” spoken by people who have slept just 2 hours the previous night!
  4. Best thing about a job is the people you work with. And the better you know them, the better it is for you ’cause they won’t get annoyed or offended by the tings you say in an over-worked and little-slept state of mind. They’ll just make a joke about it or snap back at you (no offence!) ’cause their state of mind is as bad as yours.
  5. As Remark has said: “It’s better to laugh than to cry. Especially if neither helps.” When 24h a day is not enough time, when you’re swamped with all sorts of works, crying is no good. Hysteria from laughter is at least entertaining!

To sum up the obvious: I need a break!


Photo credit: opacity (Flickr Creative Commons)

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